About us - History


Under the commercial name Société Ahmad Tabbara & Fils, Tabbara family started its commercial activity in production and sales of dairy products. The partners were: Mr. Toufic Tabbara, Mr. Anis Tabbara, Mr. Chafic Tabbara, Mr. Muhieddine Tabbara.


Mr. Anis Tabbara traveled to CZ republic and initiated a production of white and hard cheese in addition to milk powder for export to Lebanon and the Middle East.


The company started importing milk powder under the brand Tatra, and different types of cheese from Czechoslovakia.


The first contacts were established with Les Fromageries Picon, and the company was appointed exclusive agent for Picon cheese.


The family participated in establishing SLISD, ?Société Libano-Italienne pour les Savons et Detergents? S.A.L. for the production and distribution of powder detergents branded Perlex, Bianco, as well as Brinol which became the 3rd ranking low foam detergents in the market.


Société Ahmad Tabbara & Fils transformed to a Joint-Stock company, under the name of Société Tabbara Pour Le Commerce Et L l?industrie S.A.L. (S.T.C.I.). Mr. Anis Tabbara was appointed Chairman and the members of the board of directors were: Mr. Anis Tabbara, Mr. Chafic Tabbara, Mr. Muhieddine Tabbara and Mr. Adnan Tabbara.


The family also participated in establishing Moreco (Modern Refrigeration Company S.A.L.), a refrigeration industry operating in Lebanon, dedicated to provide cold storage rooms and dry warehouses for the storage of all kinds of perishable food of animal and vegetal origin.


S.T.C.I. started selling an excellent quality product of Edam cheese under the brand Fondel in Lebanon and the Middle East. The company was also appointed an exclusive distributor for Pittas dairy Industries (Nicosia, Cyprus).


Mr. Abed Tabbara was appointed President of S.T.C.I. on 16th May, 1983 and the members of the board of directors were: Mr. Abed Tabbara, Mr. Adnan Tabbara, Mr. Nabih Tabbara and Mr. Walid Tabbara.


S.T.C.I. started their own factory especially equipped for the production of all kinds of white cheese.